Series 2 - Call for Contributions

Writers, musicians, soundscapers, comedians, poets - we want you.

Posted on February 03, 2019

Utopia Dispatch is the podcast about reimagining the future and reshaping the world, with a few laughs along the way. Climate change is an impending crisis, but it is solvable and it does present opportunities to change our society for the better.

We are currently working on the podcast's next series, in which we will be exploring climate change solutions that have the potential to enhance wider aspects of society. A world in which we solve climate breakdown doesn't need to be seen as a miserable world of sacrifice. It can be one of joy and opportunity.

For this series, we are also keen to go beyond an episode format based purely on interviews and discussion, to incorporate a richer and more diverse array of sounds, voices and content. We're asking artists, comedians, writers, musicians, poets and anyone who enjoys working with audio if they can contribute material to the show. We don't mind if it's poignant or side splitting, but it should aim to put a smile on listeners' faces. A few thoughts we've had for things we would like to include are readings of short cli-fi stories, speculative ecotopian newsreel mashups, improv climate future sketches, or driving solarpunk tunes to inspire change. We are open to all kinds of ideas though, so don't be shy.

If you want to be part of the movement to tell a new story around climate change, and have existing material, an idea for something new that you think might fit the bill, or would like to know more about the themes we plan to cover, please get in touch by no later than the 31st March via email or with the contact page on this website.

The UD Team