Utopia Calling Part 1 - A New Era

Ever get the feeling that the world could be a little bit better? Fed up with war, poverty, inequality, climate doom, and more? So are we. Utopia Dispatch is back, and taking on the small task of radically reimagining the future of human society, while somehow managing to keep our spirits up at the same time. No biggie.

This is the first episode in a mini-series that explores why we should seriously consider alternative futures. We start off by challenging our assumptions about how bad the world really is, by looking at some cold hard facts about humanity’s progress. With those in mind, we hear about recent history to understand the emergence of the dominant ideology of our time, and what we need to do to start thinking about creating something new.

Follow us as we embark on a journey to figure out what a better world might look like, by talking to people thinking big ideas and taking radical action.

This episode features interviews with:

  • Olof Granstrom - Gapminder Foundation
  • Alex Williams - Lecturer and Author


  • George Richardson
  • Louis Reader