What UD is Reading - May 2019

A dangerous president, 21st Century welfare, and utopian degrowth

Posted on May 31, 2019

Bolsonaro & The Apocalypse: The Most Dangerous Man on Earth - George Monbiot (Video)
What connects the president of Brazil, the Catholic church, and political organising? George Monbiot gives you the low down on Double Down.

Radical Help - Hilary Cottam (Book)
When Willliam Beveridge proposed his ambitious vision for a welfare state, many people dismissed his ideas as too revolutionary. In Radical Help, Hilary Cottam rekindles that vision and describes a 21st Century welfare state based on empathy and the power of human relationships. Her experiments offer a glimpse of how to create a society where everybody can truly flourish - think less safety net, more springboard - which we think is pretty utopian.

Is Green Growth Possible? - Jason Hickel and Giorgos Kallis (Article)
Degrowth is Utopian and that’s a good thing - Giorgos Kallis (Article)
These two go together. In the first, Jason and Giorgos explain how, although growth and decarbonisation are theoretically compatible, keeping the global temperature below 1.5 degrees will be virtually impossible if we pursue economic growth and try to go green at the same time. In the second, Giorgos explores how thinking about a world without growth enables us to catch glimpses of utopian possibilities that are awash with abundance, equality, and sustainability. The piece is written in response to an article by Matt Huber in Socialist Forum.